Why should you book your holiday experiences with us?

Peace of mind

With 12 millions visiting this extremely popular holiday destination every  year, booking your adventure and sightseeing activities well in advance means that when you get to Canary Islands you can relax. You won't have to queue up for hours at an information centre with hundreds of other tourists trying to  book something that may already be full.

Pay at arrival

Paying for your experience at arrival, means NO RISK, to pay  for something that you do not see and you can’t check, you pay DIRECTLY to OPERATOR (company which offers  experience).

We charge you prepayment, it is low percentage (between 5%  and 20%, depending of activity type) of the experience price  you have chosen.

This amount is automatically subtracted from the total price, so once you arrive to enjoy your experience, OPERATOR will charge you ONLY the difference between  total price and prepayment you made.

The main reason to charge prepayment is to avoid fake booking made by unserious clients.

Also, if your plans change and you need to reschedule any of your activities just contact us and we'll take care of it for you.


No booking fees

Unlike many online retailers, when you book with the CanaryExperience.es there are no hidden costs. We don't believe in passing on any credit card,  handling or booking fees to our customers.

The price you see listed for each activity is the price you would pay DIRECTLY to OPERATOR and will be always lower, or exactly the same as the price offered by the activity operator directly.

Free cancelation

If you cancel your experience 48 hours before we will refund you 100% of your prepayment.

Ease and accuracy

Before we finalize your bookings, one of our experienced and locally based customer service representatives will double check all your specific details and holiday requirements. This will ensure you are getting the best possible price  and that your order and choice of activities is the most suitable for your travel itinerary. With so many activities to experience, it pays to let us help you save time choosing, so you can skip straight to the fun!

Independent and free advice

Because we are independently owned and operated, we are able to give you unbiased information and opinions about all that Canary Islands has to offer.

Knowledgeable Staff

One of the perks of our job is that we get to do everything in the Canary  Islands and in fact our management insists that we dive, ride camels and swim with dolphins as often as possible. This may sound like a pretty fun job, and it certainly is, but we do this so that we can offer the most knowledgeable and insightful information and feedback to you, our customers. Feel free to contact us if you have any specific questions or would like our educated opinion.