Lot tandemowy lotni─ů

  • Czas trwania: 30 min lub 1 godzina
  • Zawarte w do┼Ťwiadczeniu:
  • Dni: Wszystkie dni
  • Godzina rozpocz─Öcia: 10:00
  • Zaakceptowane wydrukowane lub mobilne bilety
  • ┼üatwe anulowanie: Anuluj do 24 godzin z wyprzedzeniem dla pe┼énego zwrotu przedp┼éaty
  • Book in advance your experience, paying only small prepayment, the remaining amount you will pay the day of experience.
  • Odbi├│r us┼éugi: Bezp┼éatny transfer z centralnych punkt├│w spotka┼ä w pobli┼╝u hoteli
  • Metoda p┼éatno┼Ťci cash
  • J─Özyki obce: angielski, hiszpanski, niemiecki, rosyjski


Tandem Paragliding in the sky of Tenerife


We offer you the attractive opportunity to realize your dream of flying in a fun, educational way and with all the security and seriousness that we endorse. The tandem flight is the safest way to make a contact with our sport and to understand better the nature that surrounds us (aerodynamics, thermal winds and its components, etc.) If you are looking for making a new, sporadic experience to enjoy the moment or enter fully and delve into the world of paragliding this is your place.

A highly qualified technical team with over 15 years of experience will guide you from the beginning of your adventure until the end of the flight in a simple and pleasant way, already if you've flown you look towards the sky with other eyes, because you've been there and you will want to return. We hope to see you soon with us to enjoy together the experience, you just have to let you guide and enjoy this unique experience.

Given our fortunate geographical situation, our terrain and spring-like climate which we have, we have the best areas of flight around the world, because we can fly all year round and move in and out of the island to the different and varied spaces, carry out our activity according to our needs or either for the duration of the flight, the meteorology which best suits the area of the flight of the day or simply to enjoy the variety of landscapes that give us our ; We have various modes of flight:  Normal or basic flight: It is a flight which lasts approximately between 15 and 30 minutes, where we will fly in areas like Taucho, Ifonche, Jama, choosing one of the zones depending on the weather of the day.    High performance: On this flight, the approximate duration is between 30 minutes and 1 hour, where we will have to turn thermal (hot air in ascension columns) and move us along the Valley to enjoy a sense of freedom in the sky as if we were a bird. Areas will be Ifonche, Taucho, Jama.



When we meet the first time and after presenting, pilots and passengers, we will explain to you what to bring for a comfortable flight, we recommend you to wear trekking boots or comfortable shoes not open shoes (the

comfortable implies that it should not be heels, sandals or things like), and something warm in winter and gloves.

Once the takeoff, we will recognize the area to fly the orography so that you can see the course and we will give you the necessary instructions for the take-off, the flight and the perfect landing technique.

You will get your chair correctly adjusted, helmet, we prepare the team and when conditions are right we will fly!


Once all ready we anchor you to the pilot, the passenger is attached front and the pilot goes behind. Before departure, we will always ask if you are ready and only then the pilot will decide the most suitable

time for take-off (always depending on the wind and its direction). We will explain that although we are going to go with the mentality of a career long and fast, you will feel a resistance from the foil, but

don’t stop running. If there is any problem during takeoff, we simply stop and begin again, because happens absolutely nothing. The advantage of flight with paraglider is that everything happens very slowly

and everything can be started without any problems. The passenger only has to think about his own career since the pilot will coordinate everything else.

Now we have already taken off after the race and the pilot will tell you to proceed to sit in the chair. For that, you don’t have to do anything special, just let go and enjoy the comfort, security and this new

sensation of flight ;The glider takes off at about 15 miles per hour. If we have 15 km/h wind we sail and in 2 or 3 meters of career will already be in the air. If there is no wind, the space

required for takeoff will be slightly higher, since we must reach 15 mph to take off, but this is not any technical ;

The Flight:

We have already taken after the race and you have been by the pilot to proceed to sit in the chair. For that, you don’t have to do anything special, just let go and enjoy the comfort, security and this new sensation of flight newly-discovered.


We will notify you prior to landing in brief moments we are going to land. We incorporate and exactly as we did in the take-off we prepare to run. According to the wind that makes landing can land, Normally

landing is not more violent than jumping from a stool of 20 cm. of height.

If the take-off is easy, the landing is still easier. Once on the ground, you will really realize how wonderful that is the tandem ; 

Flight equipment:

We use equipment approved for a two-seat flight of last generation. Paragliders are designed, among other factors, to endure in flight weight (all, including the two-seaters) and have a margin of load

expressed in kilograms in our case ranging from 140 to 220 ;Easy to use candles and secure, harnesses for the pilot with Pitons of high security and emergency parachute, all you need to make you feel

calm and ;Passenger harness is safe and very comfortable like sitting on the couch at home, an open helmet allows you view the magnificent scenery during the flight.

NOTE: The price of transport to the launch is included on the experience, also the transfer to the hotel if required.


For any booking, send to HAPPY FLY TENERIFE, your priorities for conducting organize tandem flights as these are conditioned by the aerology and meteorology and our riders for obvious reasons of security, may postpone the schedule or cancel the flight scheduled for that day. So if you make a booking in advance we will be much easier to choose the day most feasible conditions for the realization of tandem flight and is well liked by both parties. In case you have to cancel the scheduled flight for the day in which we stayed, customer choice will postpone it for another day or simply returns the bookings you have made with HAPPY FLY TENERIFE. The duration of flights vary considerably depending on the contract as long as the conditions allow us, for example if you have a flight hired touchdown with a duration between 15 and 25 minutes and the conditions allow and the passenger wants to can stay longer airtime without any extra cost for it. Now there is also the possibility that we have engaged a flight of performance and conditions allow us not keep the minimum contracted period, we will give you the option of repeating a flight to at least complete the remainder of the contract or what advise by our part is to arrange another flight on a day where they have to perform better flight performance, this being free.  Important: Pay attention when hiring any of our flight arrangements, which some people are more sensitive than others to experience new sensations, and often the passenger tide after about 15 minutes of flight. Therefore we recommend that if you tend to get dizzy or be sensitive to new sensations take a pill for seasickness, advisable to spare that bad time, either way our drivers are prepared and know what to do in these situations so do not worry too much about it.  Also keep in mind that we offer flight sensations, not flight time.  Transportation to takeoffs are included in the price, we can take care of transport to pick off and landing so you wont have to worry about anything. Access time varies takeoff flight area in which we are but on average between 10 and 45 minutes.  Once you have completed the booking, you can cancel or postpone but always with at least 2 days in advance, in the case of not doing so will lead to the total loss of the amount of the reserve.  Happy Fly Tenerife reserves the right of admission to all activities organized. Any decision made by our technical team during the development of the activity in relation to our own safety and the passenger will have to be respected by the client, otherwise, the pilot may cancel the activity, being returned refund of amount paid by the client.  Happy Fly Tenerife reserves the right to change the program of activities all or part if it is for reasons beyond our control (weather, adverse conditions), not having the right customers refund the amount paid.

IMPORTANT: The clients must wear long trousers, jacket and sport shoes or trekking boots. This experience is not appropriate for pregnant women. The weight of the client must be between 25 kg and 140 kg. The minimum age of the client must be 4 years old.


Tandem Paragliding
DESCRIPTION Enjoy this opportunity to realize your dreams of flying like a bird. Fly with the tandem paragliding and you will see the beautiful landscape of Tenerife. Feel the wind like an eagle! You will not regret and you will want to repeat this experience.

- Normal Flight: 90 €: adults; 90 €: children (over 4 years old)

- High Performance: 120 €: adults; 120 €: children (over 4 years old)


- Normal Flight: 15 - 30 min.

- High Performance: 35 minutes - 1 hour

DAYS Every day
EXPERIENCE INCLUDES Pick-up and drop off in a meeting central point (in the south of the island), full equipment for paragliding, specialised instructor
LOCATION Taucho & Ifonche
SPOKEN LANGUAGES English, Spanish, French and Russian

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